TK50-GA external SCSI tape unit + Microvax 3100 Desktop

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Mon Dec 3 15:43:42 2001

> Michael Schneider wrote:
>So, i've learned something today 8-)
>All my 3100's (ok, i have only 3) have that crappy small 68pin
>that wants this special cable that costs an arm and a leg.

        Either you've learned that you have a
        VAXstation 3100 or you have a
          _at__at_LOOK@@ **RARE!!!**
        auction just waiting for ebay :-)

>The 50pin has 3 rows, right? Then it's the "B1 Synchronous Port 1",
>whatever this may be...

        I *knew* I shouldn't have hit Send so quickly :-)
        Yes, it is 50-pin and not 37. Normally this
        would be an understandable slip up, but
        having supported DEC synch cards for
        more than one hand's worth of
        years I cannot imagine how I let
        that one slip by. I'll just go and find
        a piece of wall to hammer my head against :-)

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