More E-Bay Insanity?

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Mon Dec 3 16:12:18 2001

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> From: Dave McGuire []

> Value is in the eye of the beholder, man. Why is it automatically
> "insane" when someone else views omething as being more valuable than
> we do?

> The resale value of the stuff we hack on is going up, and we have to
> learn to deal with it. It has been for some time. People are buying
> it at these prices, and it's not just one or two people. Let them
> spend their money...if they're happy with their purchase, what's wrong
> with it?

> Further, one mustn't lose sight of the fact that different things
> are more readily available in different geographic areas than in
> others. Just because there are fifty AppleIIs at the corner yard sale
> in your neighborhood doesn't mean there are fifty of them at EVERY
> corner yard sale.

... ok, I understand this perfectly (believe me!) but this is a head
cleaning kit, and anyone who's still got a 5.25" disk likely could take it
apart and clean the head without the kit.



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