3com 1625-0

From: SP <spedraja_at_ono.com>
Date: Mon Dec 3 16:17:16 2001

Dear fellows, thanks to all for the messages received until
this moment about the MV 3100. With independence of
this lovely machine, I have one new question. This can
be difficult, I've located only 4 hits in Google and all
of them referred to catalogs.

Somebody has one 3com 1625-0 Coaxial FMS Hub ?
I just received one. It's supposed this item has one
variable voltage power supply that covers from 110
to 220 volts. Right ?

It has too eight coaxial connectors, one AUI connector
in the back, and... a couple ot mini-scsi connectors,
one male and one female. The most dammned strange
combination I saw until this moment.

Do you have some info of interest about this item ?

Thanks and Greetings

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