IMPORTANT NOTE (list admin)

From: Jay West <>
Date: Mon Dec 3 22:06:02 2001

The classiccmp mailing list, as well as all the classiccmp related websites
that I'm hosting at no charge, must be moved IMMEDIATELY to another set of
servers at another location. Due to possible legal contractual reasons, I
can't publicly go into more detail. If you need further information about
this just contact me off list and I'll see if I can be more specific. PLEASE
keep the following points in mind:

1) PLEASE do not continue (reply to) this thread on the list, I'd rather not
have a bunch of messages in the archives about this topic. If you want to
say anything about this, only reply to me at

2) I have resigned from the company that I worked for, and am no longer an
owner there. The only valid email address for me is and to
anyone who had my cellphone number, I now have a different number. Contact
me via email if you need it.

3) Anyone who had my USmail mailing address for shipping stuff to with a zip
code of 63117, please dont send anything there as there's no way to be sure
I will ever get the package. Contact me off list for new mailing info.

4) I will continue to have the classiccmp website as well as all the free
classiccmp related websites hosted at no charge. My offer of free hosting
for any such websites or mailing lists still stands. Nothing will change,
only the servers the sites are located on. The new location where the sites
will be hosted is every bit as robust and well managed as the old location.

5) I took extreme pride in our uptime and reliability. You can assume the
same will continue with the new hosting location (wink wink). However, as
much as it truely pains me to do so, the sites and list must be moved in a
very unplanned, hurried, unceremonious fashion. It is certain that there
will be some downtime for the mailing list, as well as some of the free
sites, WHILE they are being moved - lasting possibly 48 hours. I sincerely
apologize for this, but the situation forces me to do this in an abrupt
manner without planning for DNS propagation and the like. My sincere

6) As I said, the offer of free hosting still stands now and in the future.
If anyone has any classiccmp related sites or mailing lists they want
hosted, just drop me an email.

Jay West
Received on Mon Dec 03 2001 - 22:06:02 GMT

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