Anyone have a MicroVax II in a BA123 available?

From: Ben Franchuk <>
Date: Tue Dec 4 00:04:27 2001

Chuck McManis wrote:
> In general I prefer trading for something, but if that doesn't work out and
> a machine is surplus to my needs then yes, its free. Caveat, for big
> machines you'd have to come get it. I'm just about ready to stop mailing
> larger stuff because I can't get the time to get it packed and shipped for
> what I'd consider a reasonable amount.
> I've got a Link MC70 color graphics terminal, also "free" (if you're
> willing to come get it) and I've even got the manual somewhere.
Just curious, what is the non-free price for the terminal?
Since I live in the 'Great White North' I don't expect shipping
to be cheap. Around mid February I would like to get a clean used
'Dumb Terminal' for a 6089 style computer I an building. January
I spend all my $$$ for parts and PCB.
Ben Franchuk --- Pre-historic Cpu's --
PS. It is not the shipping, but getting thru customs is the problem.
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