Parting out on eBay

From: Craig Smith <>
Date: Tue Dec 4 10:20:40 2001

        Quite the contrary .. by splitting this up into "managable" size lots,
he will spread it around where it will do the most good. Imagine how
many systems will be either enhanced or fixed and how many other people
will be intriqued by the possibilities of actually getting a PDP-8 up
and running.
        Certainly a lot more people would be interested in one or two
pieces/cards/units etc, than would be in two huge racks full. Lots
easier to transport too!
        Just my $.02 worth,

Tony Eros wrote:
> Last month someone had an Industrial-8 two rack system with TU56, RK05,
> high-speed paper tape reader/punch listed on eBay. $1000 was evidently not
> enough, because now he appears to be selling off the bits. There's
> currently a listing for "PDP 8 Industrial DEC chassis and front panel" with
> about three days to go.
> Kind of a bummer.
> -- Tony
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