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From: David Williams <dlw_at_trailingedge.com>
Date: Tue Dec 4 10:04:50 2001

On 4 Dec 2001, at 0:14, Tothwolf wrote:
> I've got a few favorite collecting spots I'd be willing to share.
> Sadly, some of my former favorites seem to have very few old computers
> show up anymore.

I'd be happy to share places I look as well. Alas one of my most
favorite spots (had lots of classic stuff and was the type of place
with no prices, you'd grab a bunch of stuff and the manager would
ask what do you offer) threw everything out and converted to a
$0.99 store. Guess my offers weren't making him enough.

So who wants to get together one weekend? I'd be happy to act as
a central point if people want to email me off list.

Kelly, are you reading? Want to join in?


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