Dataproducts printer inteface

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Dec 4 13:54:53 2001

At 12:55 PM 12/3/01 +1100, you wrote:
>Sorry for the repost... but has anyone heard of
>the (old) Dataproducts printer inteface?
>It was also called the Line printer interface, and
>was used on other Brands besides just Dataproducts.

   I've never heard of a "Dataproducts interface" but I've seen dozens of
Dataproducts S-100 cards including printer interfaces. They do, or at
least did, show up regularly in the scrap places around here (Florida).
Usually there are some name brand S-100 cards with them. I pick up the
standard brand S-100 cards but not the Dataproducts ones since I have no
docs for them. I've never seen the machines that the cards come out of so I
have no idea about them.


>Basically I know it uses differential signals - otherwise similar
>to centronics - but I would like to find out some details.
>I have the Pinout:
>I would really like to find a description of the
>"Demand" signal and the polarity of "Strobe" and "OnLine"
>I would like to know the levels (I presume they are TTL)
>If anyone can help me out, perhaps I can respond
>in kind by giving them the final result - a circuit
>for a Centronics-->Dataproducts interface.
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