Apple Floppy Drives (was: More Apple Pimpers)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Sat Dec 8 21:46:18 2001

--- Louis Schulman <> wrote:
> Commodore PET drive system. Holy smoke, a whole second computer just
> to operate the drives, and even then, blecch.

Being a PET user from way back, I always liked the Commodore drives from
one particular aspect - they were intellegent peripherals. You didn't
bang on a couple of registers to make magic things happen (like on the
Apple), you communicated your request and it did what you asked or it
told you why it didn't work. The thing I did *not* like about them was
that they were scorchingly expensive. By the time I could afford a
PET drive, nobody cared anymore. I think my first 4040 was about $10
from the university surplus.

I also liked the fact that the PET did not need boot disks. I saw that
as a major source of problems watching my friends sort through piles of
Apple floppies, looking for a DOS3.3 disk.


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