Apple Floppy Drives (was: More Apple Pimpers)

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Sat Dec 8 23:23:25 2001

> Of course, putting the DOS in the drive's ROM somewhat limits your choices
> as to an OS. If you recall, with
> an add-on card or two, an Apple could run DOS 3.3, ProDOS, CP/M, OS-9,
> MS-DOS (needed an add-on drive as well)
That's cheating, of course. I don't remember if PETs could be coerced into it,
but C64s can run CP/M 2.2 just fine with an add-on Z80 cartridge. They just
can't read the MFM disks, but neither can the Apple CP/M IIRC. There's
nothing about having a sidecar intelligent peripheral that's per se limiting
about what choices you have for an OS. Besides, if you really wanted a custom
DOS on a Commodore drive, you can either load the DOS into drive RAM and have
it execute there, or make the drive just a serial slave and feed data to the
Commodore for processing. Most custom Commodore formats did the former.

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