11/44 power problem... (Oh, not again...)

From: Charles E. Fox <foxvideo_at_wincom.net>
Date: Sun Dec 9 14:41:28 2001

At 06:13 PM 12/8/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>Same machine, new problem. ^_^
>Whilst out in the garage playing with the 44 (which I still don't
>have an OS for...), my kid sister and one of her friends come
>out to the garage to smoke. (They're not allowed to smoke in the house.)
>Anyway, while the 44 is running, her friend says, "Wow, that's loud!",
>to which Monica replies "This one's louder!" and turns on the KS10...
>You know what's coming. And we had christmas tree packages and such all
>over the garage, too, so navigating the garage in the dark was real fun...
>(For those who didn't see it coming, the garage breaker went...)
>Anyway, after resetting the breaker, waiting for the VAX to reboot,
>checking that the KS10 was still in working order (I wouldn't be
>mailing if the KS10 was broken. I'd be busy burying my sister. ^_^)
>and putting back all the boxes I stepped on or knocked over, it
>was discovered that the 11/44 no longer powered on. The power control
>lights are on, the RX02 and SCSI disks inside the case work, but
>the BA11 (Is that the right part?) will not turn on. When you turn the
>switch on the front panel, nothing happens. No click, no fans, nothing.
>The breaker on the back of the BA11 did not trip. I turned it off and
>back on, nothing happened. I ran the AC power checks in the manual and
>nothing happened. I checked the front-panel wiring was still connected,
>it was. I pulled and reseated the front-panel control board in the
>UNIBUS. Nada. It looks like it should be working, it doesn't smell burnt,
>and I opened the top of the BA11 power supply and looked inside, and
>it looks really scary (what, with the THIS VOLTAGE WILL KILL YOU stickers
>and wires thick as my fingers and whatnot...) but it doesn't look burnt.
>Is there a hidden switch or fuse or something in there? That's what it looks
>like... Failing that, someone got directions for checking out an 11/44
>power supply?

         Respectfully suggest, use your kid sister to probe the voltage points.


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