IBM 3274-61C controller

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Sun Dec 9 17:06:33 2001

--- Russ Blakeman <> wrote:
> Well after some searching I find that this monster is a "controller" (I
> guess a terminal or network controller).

It's a PU Type 2 controller for things like 3270 tubes. I don't know
the differences between models off the top of my head. To use it, you
would need a PU Type 4 to put it on your SNA network.

We used to emulate these with the COMBOARD-SNA.

> Anyway I'm taking offers (shipping would be added to the offer unless you
> pick up in KY) for it -

Wish I'd known... I was in Louisville for the day last weekend.

> condition (other than good general external
> condition) is unknown, haven't even put a powr cord to it yet.


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