Remington Rand 409 (this already has been posted!)

From: Andrew Egendorf <>
Date: Sun Dec 9 17:23:13 2001

I am helping to gather original documents and/or artifacts concerning the
Remington Rand 409-series computers for the Remington Rand 409-series
museum being set up in Rowayton, CT. The models of interest are the 409-2
and the 409-2R. These are tube, punch-card, and programming panel machines
from the 1950s.

We are interested in documenting the location of all surviving artifacts,
but also would like to acquire particularly interesting items by donation
or purchase.

We are looking specifically for anything related to the programming of
these machines, such as the programming panels, programming manuals, or the
programming jumper wires. Photographs or drawings of programming panels
(originals or reproduced in third-party publications), with or without
programs wired on them, also would be of interest.

If you have any of the above, or have more general items such as Remington
Rand brand computer tubes or punch cards, whether or not you wish to sell
or donate them, please e-mail me at:

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