Availability of DSP56K chips

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Date: Mon Dec 10 13:41:46 2001

Hi Carlos

Try Dial Electronics, www.dialelec.com, they may be able to get some 56001's,
they are resonably priced and don't have a minimum order charge.

Unfortunately the rest of the 56k family comes in 144pin quad flat pack, even
the 56002. One solution might be get a TQFP to BGA adapter board. The BGA
adaptors usually have long enough pins to wrap and solder to. Winslow in the
UK may have these in stock. Also, look out for an old style DSP56303-EVM
evaluation module. These had pin headers connected to the data, address and
control busses. I may have an old one lying around somewhere.

Don't bother with the new EVM modules if you need to interface to any
hardware - they only have headers for the control bus and 8-bit host port.
Note: The 8-bit host port is a slave port only and needs to be driven from
external processor.

I've been using the 56300 family for quite a while now. The 24-bit
let you do one arithmetic op and two data moves in one cycle. The DMA
channels allow you to move data without interrupting the core. You also get
a lot more internal memory with the 563xx parts.

My personal preference is to run these processors using internal memory only.
Just use slow 8-bit flash to load programs. It saves having to use fast SRAM
and you can do all of your I/O with fast serial links if need be.

56303 - 4k program, 2k X and Y ram. 3.3V core and I/O. I/O is 5V tolerent.
Speed 80-100MHz. 144pin TQFP

56309, 20k program, 7k X and Y ram. 3.3V core and I/O. I/O is not 5V
tolerent. Speed 80-100MHz. 144pin TQFP or PBGA (Plastic Ball Grid Array)

56307, 48k program, 8k X and Y ram, or 16k P ram and 24 X & Y ram
1.8V or 2.5V core and 3.3V I/O. Speed 100-160MHz. BGA package only.
56307 also comes with an independent Co-processor on board.

All the Motorola tools are free even the gnu C compiler. I used the C compiler
once and didn't like it. It produced slow code and didn't even support a
data type !! Not much use if your processor work in fractional arithmetic. I
do all
of my DSP programming in assembler.

Alternatively try Texas or Analog Devices.

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