CPT 9000

From: Christopher Smith <csmith_at_amdocs.com>
Date: Mon Dec 10 14:38:35 2001

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> From: Don Maslin [mailto:donm_at_cts.com]

> > It also has (...and this is the reason I rescued it, even
> though it is an
> > intel machine) a really odd graphics adaptor with a 15-pin (two row
> > D-shaped) connector that drives a full-page monochrome
> (white) EGA monitor.

> Sounds Mac like.

You're not kidding. The installation of MS-DOS on the disk resides in the
"SYSTEM" directory.

That aside, I get the impression they used GEM desktop (there are small
components stuck in with the installation of ventura publisher -- either it
came with ventura or was part of the system...)

There is also a more "standard" monitor plug next to the strange one (on the
same card)...

> Thanks, Chris, I appreciate the info. Sorry I cannot help you.

Thanks for the attempt. If they made an 8000, maybe I should keep an eye



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