A hypothetical

From: John Allain <allain_at_panix.com>
Date: Mon Dec 10 16:59:08 2001

> What would you be willing to pay for a DEC PDP-1?
> This is strictly a hypothetical.

I suppose I could give up $1~2K to assist a _nationally_ recognized
museum (charitable) to get something neat for itself and its visitors.
As for me? the problem is space. I went to someone's garage sale
once where he could house 4 cars abreast and had room for two
more cars sideways in the back. Sorry but that aint my garage.
(If it was, there'd be 1 car and...)

Regarding the bigge$t buck$ for a sale issue, a PDP-1 might go for
less than another machine, even DEC, since so few used one and
therefore would have the pleasant memories.

Are there ever any auctions of computers, period, other than online
or industrial?

John A.
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