Smoking around computers

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Date: Mon Dec 10 13:16:39 2001

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> The tar and other solids do have thier effects on machines, just basically
> depends on where it is in conjuction to the smoke you exhale and the ashtray
> with the smoldering cigs - I took one apart that I used a lot when I did
> smoke - pew did it wreak! I never noticed it when I smoked though and I
> noticed also since I'm a non-smoker (not an anti-smoker though like many
> that quit) that the machines that I did smoke near have a brown film on them
> inside and out, and that the fans and inside power siupplies are loaded with
> dust that the tar collected with.

These stinky cig stuff isn't easy to clean off. Requires straight
non-inflammable commerical degreaser (salt-based) that is safe on
plastic and metal, that wonderful stuff as a bonus did eat off some
rust too. I was lucky to find one locally at a cleaning shop.

Anything else I tried did get most of that but stink remains. That
degreaser did it then traded away the machine. (peecee)

Vinyl based stuff asborbs that cig junk, has to be replaced, cannot
be easily removed. Most of wiring insulation is vinyl. Hard
plastics sightly asborbs but with time u can get it clean.


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