Free DEC stuff in Milpitas CA

From: Bob Armstrong <>
Date: Mon Dec 10 19:57:01 2001

  I have the following mostly (but not all) DEC stuff to give away FREE.
All you have to do is pick it up in Milpitas CA (next door to San Jose).

* A VAXstation-2000. No disks (you'll need to find an RD5x/3x for it).
  No guarantees of condition, either, but then it is free :-)

* A VAXstation-3100/30. No disks (but you can use almost any SCSI drive).
  No guarantees of condition, either, but then it is free :-)

* A Sophia Systems SA-2000 8-bit ICE. This is a self contained CP/M machine
  from the early 80s in a "luggable" case something like the KayPro or Osborne.
  Includes SA-DOS boot diskettes but no pods (it boots and runs just fine with
  out them).

* A DECmate-II RX50 system (no hard disk) WITHOUT the 6120 CPU chip. System
  unit only - no monitor or keyboard.

* About half a dozen DEC orange binders (empty).

* A MicroVMS (VMS v4.x) manual set, in orange binders.

* Most of an OpenVMS v7.x manual set (perfect bound).

* A padded, sound proof printer enclosure for a 14" dot matrix printer,
  including a fan.

  I only read this list in digest form, and I'm way behind on that, so
please write to me directly if you're interested in anything.

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