VAX 6400 booting saga: how to transfer binaries to VMS with kermit?

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Mon Dec 10 22:02:41 2001

The answer was SET FILE TYPE FIXED.

But how about this:

%STDRV-I-STARTUP, OpenVMS startup begun at 10-DEC-2001 22:56:23.89
%SYSGEN-E-SYSVERDIF, system version mismatch - reassemble and relink driver
%SYSGEN-E-SYSVERDIF, system version mismatch - reassemble and relink driver

this driver version mismatch prevents me from doing a SYSGEN
etc. Where can I turn off dependency to this driver?


Gunther Schadow wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm ripping my hair out over VMS (as usual). I have a little
> magic file that I need to transfer from PC to VAX. And
> kermit on both ends. I thought I knew how to use kermit,
> but no matter what I do, the file will never work as an
> executable on the VAX. It always complains about a corrupt
> descriptor block and it comes up too long. The file is
> exactly 2048 bytes long and when I send it it comes up as
> 5/6 blocks with DIR/SIZE=ALL. That is one block too many,
> isn't it?
> The funny thing is, when I do a round trip with kermit
> PC -put-> VAX -get-> PC, I get two identical files on the
> PC. But when I do VAX -get-> PC -put-> VAX of a working
> .EXE file on the VAX, I end up with a broken copy (same
> error.) So, what can I do?
> I have SET FILE TYPE BINARY on both sides.
> I'm so sorry for bothering you with my VMS ignorance, I
> greatly appreciate your patience and help.
> regards
> -Gunther

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