Prints for an 11/70

From: Boatman on the River of Suck <>
Date: Tue Dec 11 18:05:23 2001

On Tue, 11 Dec 2001, Douglas Quebbeman wrote:

> > Well, the reason I wanted to do it *old* and *fast*...
> >
> > I wanted to do it old because I actually own a first-revision PDP-11/70
> > which my father bought brand new back in the mid-70's when it first came
> > out before I was born. It's a really really neat machine with gobs of I/O
> > bandwidth. It's fast too. So it made me think what I might be able to do
> > with modern components and still make it compatible with my 11/70. (FYI,
> > my 11/70 is still working and is still original, down to its fuses and
> > fascia).
> That is *so* cool, preserving a machine by keeping it in the family!

Actually, that wasn't the point. The point was that when I was a tiny
tot, I started to learn how to program. Soon I was programming more than
my dad, so he got himself an IBM AS/400 lab setup to do his lab stuff
(which was the primary use for the 11/70... it has a bunch of analog data
acquision stuff in it) and just gave me the 11/70 to hack on. If he
hadn't given it to me, he might still be using it.

Peace... Sridhar
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