overclocking older processors

From: Ben Franchuk <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Mon Dec 10 02:08:31 2001

"Carlini, Antonio" wrote:

> Tweaking a MicroVAX II won't buy
> you much. I doubt you could bump the
> clock by much more than say 20% without
> something going horribly wrong. And the
> uVAX II is a fairly well balanced system:
> the memory cycle is just about right for
> the CPU (I think it works out that the CPU
> cycle time matches the memory cycle
> time - hence no need for cache).
Playing around with my 'Prehistoric' cpu, the best speed I can manage is
a memory cycle of 333 ns.( 12 Mhz/4 ). It is the I/O chips that slow me
down - not main memory. I expect much the same if you try to reto-fit
faster main memory.
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