Prints for an 11/70

From: Chris Kennedy <>
Date: Tue Dec 11 21:32:31 2001

Sridhar wrote:

> I was thinking somewhere in the range of a gigahertz.

Cool. That only requires 18 month old fab technology :-)

Assuming you can figure out an implementation that will
work within the limits of the fab's process, can bum
simulator time and are a reasonably capable mix of
CPU designer and floorplan wizard it shouldn't cost
you more than low to mid six figures (US) to buy your
way into a fab that has a process that can hit that
speed range.

To have something to carry to the fab you can probably
reduce the 11/70 schematics to a netlist and feed it
to a suitable synthesis and floorplanning toolchain,
but the result of the synthesis will never meet your
speed requirements. I'd expect that you'll need to
do at least _some_ custom cell work, so be sure you're
facile with dorking with individual transistors and
precharge logic.

Maybe you should wait five years and see how fast
programmable logic gets ;-)

Chris Kennedy
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