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From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Wed Dec 12 11:51:28 2001

On December 12, Christopher Smith wrote:
> > Training cats is actually rather easy. It's commonly thought to be
> > difficult or impossible because most people try to train them using
> > the same methods they use to train dogs...which fail miserably.
> Ok, I give up -- how do you train a cat? :)

  One important thing is not to piss them off. Most dogs seem to
exist to please their owners, and will do pretty much anything for
them. Cats are much less "cheap" about it, for lack fo a better's much more of a peer-to-peer relationship, but letting them
know who's in control is still important.

  One can "dominate" a dog by intimidation, but one generally cannot
with cats. You must have their trust and their respect, otherwise all
is lost.

  And yes, the water bottle trick does work, but overuse of that
technique...or use of it before the aforementioned trust and respect
are established...will likely prove counterproductive.


Dave McGuire
St. Petersburg, FL
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