Smoking around computers

From: David Woyciesjes <>
Date: Wed Dec 12 15:16:07 2001

! > I can't blame her, I got her as a stray, so rodents were
! > probably her main source of food (that and it seems
! > Wendy's french fries since she will claw your eyes out
! > to get to them)...
! My wife and I have a cat that we adopted as a kitten. One
! day we stopped by Wendy's on the way home and bought some
! dinner to go. I usually get a Wendy's double, and I had it
! on the kitchen table with the top bun off to add some
! ketchup. Quicker than a bolt of lightning, the kitten
! jumped on the table, grabbed the top slice of meat in her
! mouth, and ran for it. I caught her just before she made
! it off the table, but I did give her (and the rest of the
! cats) the slice she stole.
! --
! Eric Dittman

        Just don't leave creamed corn out for my Isabelle. She'll drink all
the juice right down...

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