Terminal Server

From: Pat Finnegan <pat_at_purdueriots.com>
Date: Wed Dec 12 18:22:31 2001

I just picked up an Encore Corp. Annex Terminal server from my
university's salvage. It seems to power up ok and I can get it to have a
link to my network. I can even set an ip address to it. However I can't
ping it. It seems to want to net boot (as far as i can tell).

Anyone have the boot software for these or have a resource to point me
towards? The manufacturer's site seems to be of no help, and neither is

Here's the specifics:

Encore Computer Corp. Annex
Model # ANN-01 (Cant really read first char, can be different)

>From starting it with the switch in 'diag mode' i can get it to spit out
the following:

Board ID 11 - Serial Number 87
REV ROM: Maj Rev 3 Min Rev 1
ROM Software Rev # 0305

Thanks to anyone that has any ideas.

-- Pat
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