Nanoseconds per foot (RE: RIP: Betty Holberton)

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Date: Wed Dec 12 20:26:23 2001

For coax or twisted pair the delay per unit length is given by:-

Delay (Secs/unit length) = Root( (C/unit length)*(L/unit length) )

Example: For RG58-U coax, C=100pF/m and L=250nH/m
Delay = root(250E-9*100E-12) = 5E-9 sec/m or 5ns/m
A pulse will travel 66% slower in RG-58 cable than free space.

If anyone needs to lay out high speed PCB's
the following book is highly recommended:

"High Speed Digital Design - A Handbook of Black Magic"
Howard W Johnson and Martin Graham
ISBN 0-13-395724-1

Chris Leyson
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