Wierd Things you've found inside... (was Smoking around computers)

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Date: Wed Dec 12 15:27:19 2001

I once found a chunky roach jamming an injet's paper handler. Yes, the
smokeable kind of roach.

I've seen equipment literally choked with little roaches. They eat the
insulation on wireing. Really gross to open a monitor that is crawling
with bugs. I'm not one of those who can comfortably hold a roach or
spider in thier hand.

Or some of the pleasant surprises such as buying (not another!) ATR8000 to
discover later that it had a Copower 88 and 256k of ram onboard. Or buying
(not another!) 1050 disk drive to discover later it has a Super Archiver
with Bitwriter installed. Or buying a Rana 1000 disk drive to discover
that it Actually Works!

A couple of years ago while working at my bench I hear a whoop from the
sales floor and in rushes 'Bubba' Mac - another tech. I follow him to the
bench behind the counter and see a desktop machine, i'ts skins laying next
to it. Inside, near the power supply was a beautiful, full-grown,
colorful, desicated butterfly.

The machine hadn't been opened in the five years it had been owned.

Any other spiritual (or just plain interesting) stuff found inside a

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>On Mon, 10 Dec 2001, Cameron Kaiser wrote:

>> > > I once encountered a TRS-80 whose keyboard wasn't working due to a
>> > > chronic accumulation of marijuana seeds that had fallen in.
>> >
>> > I understand they're high in protein. Maybe this person ate them over
>> > their keyboard like others eat snacks? :)
>> If they weren't eating snacks before they ate the marijuana seeds, they
>> certainly were afterwards. :-P

>Sounds like this comes from someone who knows?


>Just busting your chops. There's nothing wrong with smoking something
>that Mother Nature put on Earth. Shame on those that think otherwise.

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