Need manual for Everex digital cassette drive

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Dec 12 16:44:13 2001

On Wed, 12 Dec 2001, Douglas Quebbeman wrote:

> > Does anyone have a manual, or know how to operate, an Everex digital
> > cassette drive?
> >
> > The one I have is all black, and has a DC-37 connector on the back that I
> > assume connects to an old-style IBM PC drive interface. If this is the
> > case, I assume I still need drivers to run this thing? And maybe some
> > operating software?
> An original IBM PC with the BASIC ROMs should be able to load
> from cassette using LOAD and save using SAVE, shouldn't it?

Maybe, but doubtful. This was more of a tape backup device. It uses
DIGITAL cassettes. If you've never seen one, they have a square notch
just off the center of the top of the cassette, and they have two slide
tabs to turn write-protection on/off. Otherwise, it looks just like a
regular analog cassette tape.

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