CPT 9000

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Date: Wed Dec 12 15:13:40 2001

I recall having backup disks of the cpt provided packages. I'll look and
see if the disks are still where I think they are. Next time I'm at my
storage place.

BTW The CPT box I saw ran CP/M 2.2?



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>Hi everybody,

>I remember somebody mentioning the CPT 9000 on this list recently.

>Since I just happen to be working on one, I thought I'd post this
>question here.

>Does anyone know where I can get some of the original software that might
>take advantage of the full screen-height? I have a copy of ventura
>publisher that was pre-installed, but I assume that its CPT9000 driver is
>corrupt. It works with the Herc ega driver, but with the CPT9000 driver,
>I just get some strange text-mode blocks.

>I also wonder whether anyone's tried Minix on it, and whether that might
>address the whole monitor?



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