RIP: Betty Holberton

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Wed Dec 12 16:55:48 2001

> > If the speed of an electron in a wire is equal to the speed of light
> > it's slower than light), then an electron will travel about 11.80 inches
> > one nanosecond, which is the point Hooper was trying to illustrate.
> It's the electric field that propogates, moving electrons are a side effect.

> The average speed free electrons in wire is such that they essentially never

> get from one end to the other.

Wait a doggone minute, I know that's not right, I distinctly
recall seeing a film in school of a wire as a pipe and ball-
bearings as electrons... they go in one end, they come out
the other...

...and they're blue.
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