HP HDSP-2490

From: Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman_at_theestopinalgroup.com>
Date: Wed Dec 12 06:24:26 2001

> On December 12, Ken Seefried wrote:
> > Perhaps slightly off-topic (other than being a resonably old part), but
> > would anyone around here have a datasheet (or, at least, a pin-out) for an

> > HP HDSP-2490? This is an odd, 4-digit, 5x7 led matrix display. It's in a

> > 28-pin dip, and looks to have some intellegence built in.
> >
> > The answer from HP (nee Agilent) is "long since obsolete, we know
> Yeah, after all, NOBODY uses displays anymore.
> GOD I hate suits.

Hopefully <crossed-fingers emoticon> when the board fires Carly
as they surely will when the merger doesn't happen, they'll get
someone in there who will fire the suits and rehire the people
they let go (engineers, customer service, technicians, etc).

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