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From: Matt London <>
Date: Wed Dec 12 08:11:36 2001


> > the plastic upper case (the gray case, not
> > the white/yellow cover over the carriage) is broken into several
> > pieces. So does anybody have recommendations as to glue or other
> > solutions? Is someone sitting on a big stock of spare upper shells?
> Use a glue specially for ABS plastic. Most so-called plastic and model
> glues are for polystyrene and won't bond ABS since they are not strong
> enough. Let me know what you find, since I'm also looking for glue to use
> on tons of broken ABS cases. I've been told that there is a glue made for
> an ABS type of drain pipe. PVC glue won't work either, it tends to damage
> ABS plastics.

I tend to use "Araldite" (hrm, spelling looks wrong, could be arildite or
some other combination that sounds like the above). It's an epoxy, and
seems to hold just about anything.

Latest thing I fixed with it was one of the securing mounts for the front
cover of a rackmount BA23 - the velcrow bits. The metal it was attached to
had come detatched from the rest of the cover, so I araldited a small
piece of wood in the gap - can't see it's been done unless you look
closly, and it goes the job great :&)

I also used to to repair the broken plastic hinge on my Compaq LTE 5100,
but that's another story :&)

-- Matt

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