Internal Data Specifications for HP71 needed

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Wed Dec 12 13:15:24 2001

This person needs the Internal Data Specifications for the HP71. He's
writing a multitasking OS for the HP71. Can you help him?


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On Thu, 22 Nov 2001

> Do you have any of the marvellous HP71 IDS in your archive ?
> It can be a great help for me.

>I do indeed have an HP71 but I'm not familiar with the IDS. What is that

IDS is three volumes of Internal Design Specifications.

All about the hardware and software, including the OS listing.

>What would you be needing this for?

The HP71 processor is used on other calcs, like the HP48, and I'am
developing a multitasking OS for this calc.

I think there was some interesting software in the HP71, the Fort/Assembler
pack for example.

This can be a great help.

Thanks for your reply.
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