VAX 8650 want a good home ...

From: Doug Carman <>
Date: Thu Dec 13 07:19:24 2001

Gunther Schadow wrote:
> Hi,
> I know where there are probably several VAX 8600s and 8650s
> and a good deal more stuff. My plan is to organize a treck
> that runs from south-central US through mid-west to NY. So,
> if you live along the way and dream of some big iron, here
> is your chance. The thing would not be for the taking, but
> presumably $200-$400 (just a bit above scrap value) would be
> it.

Our computer center at work is a good home, and it already has an 8650
living in it. However, I am not sure how much longer it will be there.
Compaq has dramatically increased the maintenance costs for the older
VAX systems and our management is looking to cut costs. The last 8650
we decommissioned ended up in a scrap yard that I occasionally visit. I
was able to salvage the RL02 and some of the UNIBUS components before it
left us, but the bulk of the system was left to sit out in the rain.

Doug Carman
pdp11 at bellsouth dot net
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