Cats around computers

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Thu Dec 13 08:44:46 2001

> > > My parents still have one cat that will eat/chew ribbon.... we have to
> > > be careful at Christmas. A cat of long ago would eat thread (for
> > > sewing). My mother pulled about a yard out of him one day...... he was
> >
> > Which end?
> The entrance :-)

My wife sews (a lot!) and every now and then one of the cats will try to
eat some thread. One day we heard one of them making strange noises at
the litterbox. It turns out the cat had eaten a long thread, and it was
making its way out. We had to pull it out (slowly, to avoid internal
injuries to the cat and external injuries to us). There was at least a
foot of thread in there.
Eric Dittman
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