Wierd Things you've found inside... (was Smoking around computers)

From: Chad Fernandez <fernande_at_internet1.net>
Date: Wed Dec 12 23:24:38 2001

Yeah, just what we would need to find..... a Sydney Funnel Web spider.
I don't even want to meet a Brown Recluse.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

Russ Blakeman wrote:
> Roaches aren't bad if you know they are there, as are spiders, dependant on
> the type and where you are in the world (I don't think I'd like some of the
> ones in Oz or Africa). My biggest problem is rat and mouse crap, especially
> since the hantavirus problems in New Mexico some years ago and their urine
> totally eats through copper traces on circuit boards.
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