Wierd Things you've found inside... (was Smoking around computers)

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblakeman_at_kih.net>
Date: Thu Dec 13 08:20:53 2001

I get them coming in and out of storage all of the time but I throw a smoke
type insecticide bomb inside the storange trailer at the beginning of spring
(once I see that nature has come to life again) and it gets rid of mud
daubers, paper wasps, all sorts of spiders, roaches, etc. Particularly
irritating are the cocoons of certain caterpillars that become moths - not
destructive but when I ship machines I'd rather not send them to other
places in the US and Canada where they might not be a problem yet.

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-> > Yeah, just what we would need to find..... a Sydney Funnel Web spider.
-> > I don't even want to meet a Brown Recluse.
-> I once was bitten by a wolf spider. It's an experience I
-> wouldn't care to
-> repeat.
-> Peace... Sridhar
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