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From: Huw Davies <Huw.Davies_at_kerberos.davies.net.au>
Date: Thu Dec 13 05:59:16 2001

At 09:43 PM 13/12/2001 +1030, Geoff Roberts wrote:

>Yeah, heard about them, we have similar ones here, not sure what they are
>called, the only common spider in this area that is very poisonous, is the
>the Redback, which seems to be a variant of the Black Widow, however there
>is another black spider that is closely related, and are very common.
>Fortunately they are unagressive.

It seems that the Redback is a very recent import to Australia (probably
from the
US). This new theory is based on the fact that the Aboriginal Australians
do not
mention the Redback in any of their dreaming stories.

Now how's that for topic drift! Just filling in time while rebuilding linux
to support my CD-RW so I can burn a CD for a customer that I promised for
9am tomorrow
morning. If this try doesn't work I'm moving the CD-RW back into the system
where it
used to work. Who said Server Consolidation saved money?

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