if you hadn't already known this about the PDP-8

From: Richard.Sandwell_at_roebry.co.uk <(Richard.Sandwell_at_roebry.co.uk)>
Date: Thu Dec 13 11:19:48 2001

I think the IBM S/360 was 'stack challenged' too, iirc



I found this really interesting: The PDP-8 has no concept of a
stack. It does have sub-routines though. Instead of pushing the
instruction pointer onto a stack, it's being written at the
location to which the call is directed (first address of the
subroutine). Then a return is simply an indirect jump to that
first address of the subroutine.

This is hillarious! Wasn't the notion of a stack arond already
before 1965?

fun stuff, isn't it?
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