Wierd Things you've found inside... (was Smoking around compu ters)

From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_stockholm.ptloma.edu>
Date: Thu Dec 13 10:53:09 2001

> I've seen the brown recluse in my home, among several
> other species. Can't always tell which is which but I
> can tell that some are different from others.

The brown recluse has a very clear fiddle mark on their body. You can't
mistake them for anything else. I've found them in camp showers (eeek).
They are unpleasantly fond of human company.

The wolf spider is frequently mistaken for a brown recluse even though
they're grey, not brown; they're considerably larger; and they definitely
don't have the fiddle marking. This is unfortunate since people take
shoes and other implements to wolf spiders who are good to have in the
house as they keep insects down to a minimum, and don't bother people.

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