Pinouts for Vaxstation 3100 monochrome cable?

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Thu Dec 13 12:26:35 2001

Hi, all.
 I have a vaxstation 3100 m38 running NetBSD, and I'd like to be able
to use the local monochrome display. I've removed the SPX color adapter,
and made up a cable according to the pinouts on Kee's VS3100 page. His
pinouts are composite on pin 9 and ground on 3 for a BC23K-03 cable.
However, with the cobbled cable attached, I don't get any output.
 Question 1: Did I miss a jumper on the mainboard?
 Question 2: I assumed that the pins were numbered in the same order as
an AUI ethernet connector. Looking at the female, I have 1-8
right-to-left, and 9-15 R-t-L. Is this correct?
 Question 3: I'm using an IBM Power17 display. Multisync, separate-sync,
composite-sync and sync-on-green capable, I would think it would work
with mono input on the green. It does work fine with the SPX adapter.
 Question 4: I also have a Digital VR160 display, but everything I've
read implies that it won't do monochrome. Is that true?

 Has anybody been successful with a monochrome display on this box? Any
help would be most welcome.

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