Info-Vax mailing list messages previous to 1981

From: SP <>
Date: Thu Dec 13 15:02:08 2001

Hi again. I've checked CRVAX server but I can't locate what
I'm searching... Anybody knows a place where could be located
the INFO-VAX mailing list messages previous to 17-May-1981 ?
This is the date of the first message gatewayed to the
newsgroup. If I read correctly the info that appears in ,
Usenet began in 1979, and the FA.* groups were gatewayed
from mailing lists to the Usenet newsgroups by the long time closed
(1994 if the RIP note of one person that I assume was Keith Bostic
was correct) UCBVAX server. Do you heard about some kind
of backup or so of these early Usenet and/or mailing lists messages ?

By the way, a little swinging in the messages of these years is,
like Spock could say without any doubt, "fascinating".

By example, one reference to one Datamation of 1981 that
did a critic about the Unix interface :-)

,,, or one guy that tried in 1981 to do one list of DBMS for Unix.

I don't know if somebody knows cause of direct participation
some of these hits.

Thanks and Greetings

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