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From: Merle K. Peirce <>
Date: Thu Dec 13 20:29:32 2001

I just returned from a 4 day excursion to Blacksburg, Va to pick up some
of our latest donations. In Blacksburg, we were given a stunningly
attractive Cray EL-98 through the generosity of Aerosoft, Inc.

The following day, I picked up a wonderful Storage Tech Automated Tape
Library from ISIS at Georgetown. This is a very large piece, a
Timberline controller and transport with a Wolf Creek library module.
Possibly, I have reversed the names.

The next day, I picked up Rich Cini's lovely PDP-11/34 with full provenance.
I notice the cpu cabinet says 11/34A on the label and is dated 1977,
fitted in a 1975 rack that apparently originally held an 11/10.

They are all wonderful pieces.

M. K. Peirce

Rhode Island Computer Museum, Inc.
Shady Lea, Rhode Island

"Casta est quam nemo rogavit."
              - Ovid
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