What's with this Lisa?

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Thu Dec 13 16:23:43 2001

>Mono CRTs are pretty easy to replace with minimal setting up. Delta-gun
>colour CRTs are another matter with about 20 or so presets to tweak :-)...
>And mono CRTs tend to be fairly generic. If the physical dimensions
>(Screen size, deflection angle, neck diameter) and the heater voltage are
>the same, then it will generally give _some_ sort of display. And most of
>the time it'll be a useable display. Sometimes you have to do minor
>electrical mods to cater for totally different electrode voltages, but
>not often.

        Ahhh...my point was that it likely wasn't too difficult to
come up with a suitable green-screen replacement for the normal Lisa
CRT. Possibly for just the reason you state below. I opened up my
Lisa and it's CRT is actually made by Clinton Electronics.

>This, surely depends on who you are. I know I find green on black to be a
>lot easier to read than black on paperwhite. Which is why I'm using a
>greenscreen IBM 5151 at the moment.

        Yes I can see where there might be different preferences
there, just like anything else. I myself like the black baground and
white text. I know people that prefer the red plasma displays, such
as on the IBM 8573, but I find them a bit too bright. I did find the
paperwhite displays a nice change from the green though.

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