Cats around computers

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Thu Dec 13 14:51:38 2001

> > Yes, but still...NOT FOOD. ;)
> >
> Anyone watch FoodTV? I think the show was called Xtreme Food.. One section
> showed the guys hunting in their backyard.. Shooting some squirrel.. And how

> to cook it... It was called "Squirrel Fricasse" This really was on TV..
> HONEST! I think this was in Louisana...

My Zoology prof claimed to have eaten just about
eberything on the planet that people make a regular
habit of eating... grubs were the first thing he

> But what looked good was the deep-fried wild turkey.

Dunno about wild, but Bob&Tom's domestic deep-fry
recipie is a big winner around here...

> P.S. I wonder what kind of wine goes good with squirrel? A
> couple of bottles before it is set down in front of you??!

Oh, Ripple, Richard's, MD2020 if you need Kosher...

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