Need manual for Everex digital cassette drive

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Thu Dec 13 16:21:17 2001

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> > > just off the center of the top of the cassette, and they have
> > > two slide
> > > tabs to turn write-protection on/off. Otherwise, it
> looks just like a
> > > regular analog cassette tape.

> > No problem, just file a notch in your "analog" cassette. ;)

> Is your data really worth that _little_ that it's not worth
> buying the
> right tape?

Well, any data I'd consider storing on such a strange,
you-probably-won't-see-another, device would have to be worth very little,
or, more likely, backed up onto CD, DAT, or 8MM. :)

That, and where do you suggest one should get "digital cassette" these days?

> > I'm not sure that would work, but given the improved
> resolution, etc, in
> > cassette tapes during the last several years, it just may.

> I am pretty sure the coercivity of the tape in the 'digital'
> cassettes is
> considerably high that that of the tape in normal audio cassettes...

Well, again, cassettes have gotten better. Depending on the age of this
"digital cassette" technology, it might substitute in a pinch.

Speaking of which, anyone remember anything about the VHS tape backup
devices? Capacity, systems they'd work with, etc? A friend and I were
discussing these a few days ago.



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