Wierd Things you've found inside... (was Smoking around computers)

From: Michael L. Drew <mldrew_at_drewtech.com>
Date: Thu Dec 13 16:35:20 2001

These are really nasty little buggers...
One bit me on the shin, just above my boot... Never felt
a thing. Stage 1 (bite +6 hours) was like a mosquito bite.
Stage 2 (bite + 12 hours) was like someone had implanted
a red hot golf ball in my leg. Stage 3 (bite + 36 hours) was
swelling and redness to the knee. I really hate going to the
doctor and will do almost anything to avoid it.

I couldn't get there fast enough with this thing...
I could literally watch my leg swelling up!

The docs were worried that I might start shedding red
blood cells so they took blood every day for a week and
had me on some of the biggest pills I have ever seen. One of
them was for people with leprosy!

In the end, I had a hole about the size of a quarter in my leg that
went all the way to the bone and took months to heal...

The toxin in a brown recluse venom kills all tissue and can cause
your red blood cells to suddenly die off.

Bite can be deadly, even to large adults!

I hope to never see one again!

(not that I saw it the first time!)

Russ Blakeman wrote:

> I had one in a pair of old coveralls that bit my leg when I lived in Las
> Vegas and have seen one here in the 3 yrs we've been in this house, but
> outside the house. The fiddle is on their back.
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> -> On December 13, Jeff Hellige wrote:
> -> > The unfortunate thing about the brown recluse is that you
> -> > likely won't see it before it bites you and the insides of equipment
> -> > that has been out in a shed or something similar is a good place for
> -> > them. I'm no longer sure what areas they're common in, but the Ozark
> -> > mountains of southern Missouri has their share of them.
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> -> I found two in my basement in Laurel MD, Jeff...
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