What's with this Lisa?

From: Adrian Graham <Adrian.Graham_at_corporatemicrosystems.com>
Date: Fri Dec 14 03:55:00 2001

Hi all,

> >I always wondered why the 2 existed in the first place,
> since without a hard
> >drive and only .5mb of memory it was useless for anything other than
> >MacWorks.
> Once you take a look at your's, since you said it started
> life as a '2' and you upgraded it to a 2/5, would you mind sending
> me the model/serial/date numbers off of it?

Here's the scoop:

Model: A6S0300
Memory Option: A6S0304
SN: A3322146
Manufactured: 3322

Unfortunately there's no prototype info, but both of my memory modules are
dated 1982 and one of them has the 'fabled' ET logo.......


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