Cats around computers

From: Peter C. Wallace <>
Date: Fri Dec 14 11:03:19 2001

On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Russ Blakeman wrote:

> Not a thing wrong with squirrel and you can scramble the brains with eggs
> and it's a southern delicasy, especially in the Carolinas. Rabbit is also a
> rodent and many big dollar restaurants serve it. Racoon is a rodent, eaten
> throughout the US and Canada. Woodchuck, groundhod, prairie dog, etc are all
> knawing animals, or rodents, and are very good and helps to keep the
> woodland poluations in check. Rats and mice are easten in some places for
> either lack of knowledge of lack of other foods and they pay the price in
> getting wonderful deadly diseases that eventually are worse than starving.
> Guinea pigs are pretty good too, just not very big. USAF survival school
> gets you used to lots of odd stuff, the worst (I think) being termites.

Actually neither rabbits nor racoons are rodents...

Raccoons are order carnivora and rabbits are order lagomorpha

Peter Wallace
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