if you hadn't already known this about the PDP-8

From: Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman_at_theestopinalgroup.com>
Date: Fri Dec 14 09:51:44 2001

> Douglas Quebbeman wrote:
> > I never understand this- why not kick it up to 1027x768 and use the
> > Windows Appearance controls to make the menus and screen
> fonts larger?
> My vga monitors have a tendency to die, thus a old VGA is easy to come
> by and not have to FUCK with windows 'SAFE' mode.

Understood, I get by on used VGA monitors, too...
> > That way graphics look nice and text is still readable and things
> > you have to click on (buttons can be made bigger too) are bigger
> > targets...
> I want smaller menus and buttons. I like a window filled with what ever
> I am reading, not clutter on the screen. It makes no sense to me to switch
> to a higher res and then defeat it by having bigger fonts. When I was
> Linux I ran at 800x600 but only so I could run bigger fonts to give
> me a 80x25 xterm window. Also most on the games I play only run at 640x480
due to
> speed ( P-150 here) or screen limitations.

I mistakenly ASSumed you went with 640x480 because everything is
bigger and easier to see... the guys around here who run 1024x768
instead of the 1280x1024 they *could* run do it for that reason...
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